We are a part of a global Teva company – the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company specialising in production and marketing of generic medicines. In Poland we operate together with a Teva group members – Teva Kutno and PLIVA Kraków – a Polish medicines producers with many years of history and experience.

    For over 70 years now we have been with Polish doctors, pharmacists and patients. Today, we are a state-of-the-art and dynamically developing pharmaceutical company, offering prescription medicines and OTC products (sold without prescription, over the counter).

    We produce and market medicines used in infections, type 2 diabetes, urological diseases, osteoporosis, central nervous system disorders, heart and respiratory diseases, for transplantations and cancer treatment.

    Teva’s manufacturing sites in Kutno and Kraków meets highest standards in manufacturing and controlling pharmaceutical products.

    Owing to membership in Teva global concern, access to state-of-the-art technologies and research and development works we will keep expanding our offer for doctors and pharmacists with top quality medicines at prices affordable for patients.
    Teva Pharmaceticals Polska Sp. z.o.o
    ul. Domaniewska 50 a
    02-672 Warsaw
    tel: +48 22 345 93 00
    fax: + 48 22 345 93 01

    Teva Kutno
    ul. Sienkiewicza 25
    99-300 Kutno
    tel: +48 24 355 01 00
    fax: +48 24 355 03 50

    PLIVA Kraków 
    ul. Mogilska 80 
    31-546 Kraków
    tel: + 48 12 617 80 00
    fax: +48 12 411 10 47